Cavachon - Stiftung

CAVACHON sees itself as a family. We are planning a meeting place, where people as well as CAVACHON can enjoy life, meet new friends and evolve. We also want to be a good example and show, that it’s possible to bread dogs without aberration and deformation. The goal is a foundation in which animal welfare, family, social belonging, free time, culture and companionship can occur on an equal footing. kann. Part of the income, generated in the shop and breading is supposed to support the future foundation. We also hope for your donations, to establish a home and do good together with you, as Cavachon-family.

The needed sum, amounts to an estimated CHF 6,3 Mio.

  • Site
  • Building
  • Landscape gerdening
  • Training facility
  • Management facility
  • Recreational facitlity
  • Service facility

Acquisition and Building, without servicing.




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