More exclusive then diamonds

An original CAVACHON prime® is one
of the rarest and most exclusive
dogs worldwide


The CAVACHON prime® concept

CAVACHON ® is an insider label, reserved only for the high society and cosmopolites.
One off, biodynamic dog breading, with lifetime service in Switzerland.

Exclusive and limited, Swiss made designer fashion for both owner and pet.
All shop related incomes, help to support the CAVACHON foundation project.

cavalier hundchen plus-zeichen bijon hundchen gleich zeichen cavachon-prime


Even as a Puppy your new family member gets trained nicely. Additionally you also receive our exclusive and unique starter kit. Which for example includes a new iPhone 6 plus with the innovative Cavachon App, and high-tech-GPS-Functions with which you will always be able to tell the whereabouts of your pet.

Erfahren Sie hier alles über unser umfangreiches Starterkit …


We care and take all the work and trouble of your hands. For all physical needs of your pet are covered.
For example: regular inoculations, visiting the vet, appointments at the barber or mutual gatherings with friends and the CAVACHON family.


The Cavachon Family.
More than just a Dog!

With the decision to adopt one of our CAVACHON Puppies you will experience new and holistic care from the Cavachon family.

The Cavachon Club

As a Cavachon family member you are automatically a member of the exclusive Cavachon club and able to enjoy elitist events in high society.


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